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Deputy Minister of Defense announces the cessation of the advance of enemy forces in Ukraine

The forces of the armed forces of Ukraine are successfully resisting the offensive actions of the Russian army in the Bakhmut direction. Informs Freedom Matrix. Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar informed about this.

"Our army has successfully stopped the advance of the enemy forces. Although the events in the news may give the impression of a temporary lull, in reality the situation is not like that - it is just an illusion. The enemy is actively increasing artillery shelling, and their number is becoming comparable to the period of the most fierce fighting," - added the deputy minister.

At the same time, the enemy is regrouping, replacing "mercenaries" with regular armed forces.. Ukrainian soldiers prevent Russian forces from realizing their plans.

"Our military is on an important mission. A few days ago, the enemy's advance was stopped. However, this does not mean that our forces are idle. They perform other tasks that we cannot disclose. These tasks are aimed at increasing combat readiness. What may seem like a temporary lull today, in fact, both sides are preparing and strengthening to continue the fight.. The war and rivalry for this area continues," Maliar stressed.


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