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Day under air strikes: Russians kill two residents of Donetsk region, wound 12 more, including a child

On June 30, Russian troops conducted 2,793 hostile attacks on 14 settlements in Donetsk region, killing two people and wounding 12 others, including  a child born in 2009. UNN reports this with reference to the regional police. 


According to law enforcement officials, 14 settlements were affected by Russian attacks:  the towns of Kurakhove, Lyman, Siversk, Toretsk, the villages of New York, Tsukurino, Yampil, and the villages of Vovchenka, Illinivka, Izhevka, Myroliubivka, Nelipivka, Nova Poltavka, and Yurkivka.

Forty-nine civilian objects were damaged, including 35 residential buildings, administrative buildings, a business, garages, cars, and wheat fields.

The occupants dropped 8 KAB-250 bombs on Toretsk, killing one civilian and injuring three others. Two apartment buildings, 6 private houses and administrative buildings were damaged.

Russians shelled Siversk with artillery, killing one person and wounding another, and damaging a private house.

Russia strikes Tsukuryno with a KAB-500 guided missile, wounding six civilians, including a child born in 2009.  21 private houses and two cars were damaged.

One man was wounded in Yampol and another in New York as a result of enemy shelling.



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