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China declares "international consensus" in search of a peaceful end to the war

фото Офіційний сайт Президента України

The international conference in Saudi Arabia helped to "form an international consensus" on finding a peaceful solution to the "Ukrainian crisis". This was stated on Monday by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Reuters reports. Informs Mind.

Li Hui, Chinese President Xi Jinping's special envoy for Euro-Asian affairs and former ambassador to Russia, "discussed in detail with all parties the political settlement of the Ukrainian crisis, listened to all opinions and suggestions," the statement said.

Russia was not invited to the meeting.

Representatives of the global South were also present at the meeting in Jeddah, including South Africa, Brazil and India, as well as Turkey, the Middle East and others. In total, the conference was attended by officials at the level of national security advisors from 42 countries.

"All parties commented positively on Li Hui's presence and fully supported China's positive role in promoting peace talks," the Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

At the meeting, China "looked constructive" and "sought to show that it is not Russia," a European diplomat confirmed in a conversation with the Financial Times.

"China's very presence shows that Russia is finding itself more and more isolated," he added.

Most countries, including China, have expressed willingness to meet in the coming weeks in the same format, without Russia, people who have participated in or been briefed on the talks told The Wall Street Journal.



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