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Bulgaria is actively preparing the next aid package for Ukraine

Bulgaria is actively preparing to provide the next package of military assistance to Ukraine, although the exact timing of its provision is still unknown. Informs Freedom Matrix. This was stated by Todor Tagarev, the new Minister of Defense of Bulgaria, during an interview. He confirmed that the process of forming the next aid package has already begun.

"We are already at the stage of launching the process. Naturally, the transfer itself will take some time. In doing so, we take into account the priorities put forward by Ukraine and focus on transferring the necessary resources in the first place. Flexibility on our part is a key factor, and we are ready for it," Tagarev said.

He also added that he could not disclose the details of the aid package.

"As already mentioned, this package is confidential. I can only say that it includes ammunition, as well as military equipment," the Minister of Defense stressed.

Tagarev recalled that Bulgaria now has the ability to provide Ukraine with military-technical assistance without the need for re-consideration by parliament. This simplified and accelerated the procedure for providing assistance.



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