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Biden supported the transfer of cluster munitions to Ukraine

The Pentagon took a step that was ambiguously perceived by some NATO countries. For the first time, military assistance to Ukraine includes cluster munitions. As US President Joe Biden told CNN columnist Farid Zakaria, the decision was not an easy one.. However, it is quite obvious that at the moment the Armed Forces of Ukraine really need cluster shells. Informs Freedom Matrix.

The President pointed out that the Ukrainian servicemen are running out of shells.

"I discussed this with our allies. We are in a situation where Ukraine is being brutally attacked - this is one reason. The second is that the Ukrainians are running out of ammunition for 155-mm howitzers. This is an ammunition war," he said.

He suggested that cluster munitions would help the Armed Forces of Ukraine break through the fortifications of the Russian army.

"They now either have weapons to stop the Russians - and prevent them from disrupting the Ukrainian offensive - or not. And I think they needed it," he added.

Biden noted that the shipment of cluster munitions to Ukraine would continue during an unnamed "transitional period" until the US ramps up production of 155mm rounds.

National Security Adviser to the President of the United States Jake Sullivan confirmed the information about the transfer of cluster munitions by Washington to Kyiv.



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