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Addresses of high-security objects in Russia posted online

The authorities of several Russian cities, including Moscow and St. Petersburg, have made publicly available the addresses of objects that cannot be disconnected from electricity, including those used by military intelligence and the Foreign Intelligence Service.

Source: Radio Svoboda (Liberty) with reference to the Russian Center Dossier. Informs Ukrainska Pravda.

Quote: "It is enough to find on a website of the administration of any region in Russia a document with the inconvenient title "List of electricity (power) consumers, the restriction of electricity consumption mode of which may lead to economic, environmental, social consequences". The addresses of high-security facilities are listed in plain text in the list of these special electricity consumers."

Details: The authors report that the list includes a list of all military units and institutions of the Ministry of Defence located in Moscow. They claim that this way you can find out where employees of the most secret departments live in Moscow.

Part of the list of MoD facilities in Moscow SCREENSHOT: DOSSIER

For example, the largest concentration of objects related to special services is in the Serebryany Bor district in Moscow's west. In particular, there are dachas related to the Foreign Intelligence Service, as the investigation says. (Dacha is a summer house usually with a little plot of land where people grow vegetables, fruit trees and berries, or keep a garden – ed.)

Investigators list addresses and publish their photos. In addition to summer houses, the list includes many residential buildings belonging to the Foreign Intelligence Service, the Federal Protective Service or the Main Intelligence Directorate. Certain apartments are not specified.

There's also a "map of the most dangerous places", including the objects in the lists.

Quote: "We are confident that all this open data has long been known to the Ukrainian military, but it will help civilians in Russia to assess risks better."



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