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A quarter of Ukrainian bridges are in critical condition

Зображення ілюстративне Фото: Мінвідновлення

Data from the Commission for Inspection of Bridge Structures indicates that 24% of inspected bridges in Ukraine are either inoperable or have limited functionality.. Informs Mind. In light of this, the Commission proposes:

  • Instructing maintenance bodies to review bridges where technical condition information is lacking;

  • Developing a set of emergency measures;

  • Transferring the responsibility of bridge client and maintenance from individual territorial communities to the Restoration Agency, especially if the bridges are on roads of national importance;

  • Utilising the Analytical Expert Bridge Management System (AESUM) for the planning and upkeep of bridges.

Oleksandr Kubrakov, the head of the department, highlighted that over a third of the maintenance bodies lack accurate data on the condition of their bridges.



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