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Gumenyuk: it is possible that Russia will use its new drone "Dandelion" against civilian ships

Given the terrorist behavior of the Russian Federation, it is likely that they will use their new development, the Dandelion drone, to attack civilian shipping. This opinion was expressed on the air of a telethon on Monday by the spokeswoman for the Joint Coordination Press Center of the Southern Defense Forces, Natalia Humeniuk, UNN reports .

For example, the Russians presented their new guided unmanned surface kamikaze drone called "Dandelion". Gumenyuk answered a journalist's question, "which vessels could be threatened by the new Russian developments?"

Realizing that we are dealing with a terrorist country, we cannot exclude that such drones will be used against civilian vessels. Moreover, there have been repeated statements that if shipping with Ukrainian ports continues, they will be perceived as legitimate military targets

- Humeniuk said.


According to Gumenyuk, the Russian Defense Ministry was constantly trying to find a reason to accuse civilian shipping of supplying military cargo. But all these statements remained unfounded and unconfirmed.

Today, the navigation corridor is functioning despite all the difficulties. The Defense Forces ensure the safest possible passage of vessels through the territorial sea of Ukraine with further access to international waters, Humeniuk said.



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